• Metals du Jour


    We like metal - heavy, light and in-between. The three we use exclusively are; Bronze for its rugged timelessness and artisanal qualities, 925 Sterling Silver, because of its glinting, eye-catching shininess, and Titanium, because it is space age, exotic and just a little bit spooky.

    All of our jewellery is made from the purest forms of our metallic triumvirate; we refuse to use plating, as it will scuff and scratch and just will not last, and that, quite frankly, would reflect badly on us. We sleep well at night knowing that the quality of each piece has what it takes to become an heirloom.

    We only craft with metals obtained from certified and ethical sources. Sometimes we like to use these metals individually and sometimes we use them together. But most of all, we love working with them, and guarantee you will love wearing them.

    Crafted for a lifetime of love.




    This is the metal that brought man out of the Stone Age.  It is an alloy (metal mixture) of 90% Copper and 10% Tin. The combination of which, first made about 6500 years ago, produced a metal that was harder and more durable than its constituents. Man, for the first time, now had the ability to form useful items such as knives, weapons, armour and cooking utensils out of something that was not wood or stone. Bronze rapidly became indispensable and reigned supreme until the Iron Age, 3000 years later.


    One of the most important aspects of this metal is the civilising of mankind. The components of this alloy are not found in the same locations, therefore trade had to be developed and maintained to be able to make Bronze. This caused an explosion in the spread of technology, language and culture that changed the way the world worked. It became a symbol of wealth and sophistication. It allowed empires to be built, made heroes out of mere mortals and was used to record their likenesses for posterity.


    Bronze is still used today, its durability and ability to resist corrosion, particularly salt water, make it a valuable and essential metal. It is used extensively in machines and motors, electrical contacts, marine fittings and musical instruments, In fact, the name 'Bronze' derives from the 13th century Italian word Bronzo, which means “Bell Metal”. It is the preferred metal for all modern bells, cymbals and the windings of piano and guitar strings. Our world is still very much in the Bronze Age.


    One final note, Bronze is not Brass. They are related, with brass being a cheaper, softer, modern day substitute using Zinc instead of Tin and usually containing traces of Lead. It has been made for a mass market that values easier manufacture over quality. We love Bronze for its uniqueness, historical significance and superior artisanal qualities. It is a true heirloom metal.


    Specific Gravity = 7.7 grams per cubic centimetre.

    Warm golden colour with small random patches of rose coloured marbling.

    Can be polished to a mirror finish and has antimicrobial properties.


    Sterling Silver (925)


    Pure or fine Silver is too soft to make functional items, and is only used for bullion or to plate items that have a more solid base. Almost all Silver jewellery is made from an alloy called Sterling 925; this is 92.5% Silver and 7.5% Copper. This makes for a more robust metal, which has the same visual appeal, but is better suited to daily use. It is a standard that has been used for more than a millennia and was the basis of many monetary systems, most notably, the British Pound Sterling. A more relaxed standard operates in the USA, where any metal that contains more than 90% fine Silver can be named and sold as Silver.


    Apart from coinage and jewellery, Sterling Silver has been used to demonstrate wealth in virtually all parts of the home. From elaborate cutlery, serving dishes, tea sets and candelabra through to mirrors, personal grooming sets, cigarette cases and children’s rattles. There was no part of life that could not be enhanced with the irresistible charm of Silver.


    Silver and Silver alloys have been used for surgical equipment since the Egyptian and Roman periods. It was used extensively for this purpose right up until the mid 20th century, when it was superseded by cheap disposable plastic. It is naturally aseptic (resists bacteria) and easily sterilisable. It is an excellent choice for long term use in piercings and wearing as chains or rings.


    Shiny, decadent and irresistible. Sterling Silver jewellery is undeniably beautiful and the perfect choice for body adornment. It is much less ostentatious than Gold, and can be worn with practically anything, providing a focal point of gleaming, glistening elegance.


    Specific Gravity = 10.3 grams per cubic centimetre

    Recognizable, desirable and inherently valuable.

    Safe for extended wearing in piercings and on the body.




    Titanium is an uncompromising, lustrous, silver white elemental metal. It is as strong as steel but is incredibly light. Working with it is difficult and exacting. It is abundant in the earth’s crust as an element, but does not occur anywhere in nature in its pure form. Only through the ingenuity of man, does this exotic metal exist.


    It has an exceptionally high melting temperature of 1668°C (3034°F) and has the highest strength to weight ratio of any metal. It will resist corrosion by virtually everything except concentrated acids and is completely bio-compatible. Because of these and other seemingly supernatural properties, it was named after the immortal and most powerful Greek gods, the Titans.


    Man did not know of its existence until the late 18th century and it took till the 1930’s before it was possible to make this incredible metal in usable quantities. It is a laborious, long and complex multi-stage process that can only make a small batch at a time. This is what makes Pure Titanium such a rare, expensive and exotic metal. It quickly became the glamour material of the aerospace industry, allowing the development of components, machines and processes not possible without it. Only in the last few decades has it been viable option for the manufacture of superior quality consumer products.


    Pure Titanium is universally regarded as clinically inert and will not interfere with any bodily processes. Its bio-compatibility is the same as 24 Karat (pure) Gold, yet exhibits superior mechanical properties. Used globally by doctors and dentists for permanent bio-implants and bone reconstruction, you could not make a better choice for a wearable metal.


    It is used to make fast cars faster, sporting equipment more effective and medical miracles possible. From cutting edge jewellery to the thinnest of smart phones, wherever a lightweight, yet hyper durable metal is required, the unmatched benefits of Titanium win out. This is truly the metal of the Gods and the 21st century.

    Specific Gravity = 4.5 grams per cubic centimetre.

    Completely hypoallergenic and bio compatible.

    Lightweight, lustrous and super strong.